Oil on Canvas, 2019 80X120

We all were kids one day. We had our dreams and hopes. Everything changes when we grow up. Suddenly we turn our mindset to a different path. We learn how to lie, how to be insincere, how to earn a lot of money, because that’s what leads us to happiness, right? Nope.
Why do adults adore little kids so much? Because so far, they are the ones that don’t know how to tell lies, hide their emotions and be mercantile. You can literally see what is going on in their little minds through their eyes.
If you’ve ever wondered what is the difference between a grown up person and a little kid, I’ll show you. This is what my painting is about.
The main subject is the variety of emotions kids can experience. In their eyes you can see the scenes that make them experience those feelings. No one can hide them. This is the reality that children face everyday. Even small things actions and gestures matter to them and influence their soul.
However, apart from the things of the realistic world that we live in, children have their own unique world that is represented behind the faces on the painting.

  1. The ladder leads right to the dream. This is not a career ladder, as grown up people like to call it. Every single child has a dream. He has a ladder that leads to it. It may not be perfect, it may be unstable, it may lack some steps, but it is necessary for parents to keep this ladder safe and not to break it.
  2. Birds in the corner stand for freedom. Kids same as all people need space. If they have lack of space and freedom they will become birds in closed cages which is not beneficial and will affect their future lives. Being a free bird means a lot. A lot of parents are scared that their lovely birds will fly away. They sure will, but your love will make them come back one day.
  3. The Train is associated with adventures, who doesn’t love them. What differs kids from adults here? Lack of fear. The older we can the more fears we have. The more fears we have the older we get. Sounds like a closed chain but it’s true.
  4. Girl with the ballon represents one very important feature that unfortunately people loose when they get older- “possibility to see something unique in ordinary things”.
  5. The scenery on the right has a small boat in the center. However, No one is sitting there. This gives an idea that even being surrounded by love, care and attention children can still feel lonely if not understood by those who surround them.
  6. Whale represents protection. Like a big brother he’s always ready to help. Why do kids sometimes make up imaginary friends? Because they need protection and strong friendship even if it is just in their heads.