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Diplomas & Certificates

Dali Mustache
1st prize winner of the international competition for artists, designers, photographers and representatives of arts and crafts in Spain “Dali Mustache”
Jury’s comments: “Interesting work! The author uses vivid artistic means and images for dialogue with the viewer, interacting with the subconscious. In creativity, the ability to express one’s feelings, perception of the world, and an idea is valued. The artist seems to be conducting a kind of philosophical dialogue with the viewer. The message of the picture is clear and does not leave the viewer indifferent, the artist seems to draw the beholder into the depths of his thoughts and emotions. Monochrome color scheme and contrast of light and shadow perfectly convey the mood.”

MORA | The Museum of Russian Art
Sertificate of Participation


ISNI-International Agency

Qatar International Art Festival 2021, Doha  (24-28 October 2021) – Mr. Vibem – Russian Ambassador of Arabic art.

NFT. Non-fungible token.  Crypto Digital Art, New way to digital assets, collectibles and crypto art.

International Art Contemporary Exhibition. Iran, Tehran. 23d of Nov 2021.  Mr. VIbem – Mystery of Water.

Solo Exhibition. New Jersey, USA. Museum of contemporary Art.  Sep-Oct 2021.

Miami exhibition, Art Basel, November-December 2021

3D digital art

Moscow Multifunctional Cultural Center- Internship in institutions subordinate to the Department of Culture in Moscow. Heading- event management. (4.04-29.04)

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