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Illustration / Graffiti / Drawing of clothes / Tattoo

MEMORY. Although she kept trying to find a new way, the picture of what has happened that day in a castle still stays strong in her head. Memories is something that keep holding you back from a new page in your life.  You can keep running from them, but they always get you at the least expected places. Now its just a matter of time. PRAY.TRUST. WAIT

A KISS OF FEARLESS. This story is not about love, as you may have though. The kiss here is symbol of daring and mental emancipation. Skeleton and fire are the representation of human fears that block our way to the future. But even being in the middle of your worst life scenario, when feeling constraint and horror, some may find the courage to “turn the tables” and show that they are not afraid anymore. They will never let their fears take control over their lives. That’s why The kiss here is symbol of daring and mental emancipation. You see, the best way to fight your fear is to become friends with it…..Or loves?…..


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