Oil on Canvas, 2019 50X40


This paining was inspired by the year 2020 which will definitely be marked in history for its “surprises”. At the same time I want to emphasize that although the artwork was inspired by all the protest which took place in 2019 in different parts of the world,  it is not particularly devoted to them. My painting is devoted to all the places and times when citizens were punished for peacefully expressing their opinion or not agreeing with their government.

Those who have to defend our rights and advocate for peace have turned into absolutely brutal and infernal machines just because they believe that they have more power. Look at the scene on the right. So many destroyed homes and broken lives. So many law defenders. Brave enough to hold a weapon against an unarmed human but not brave enough to even show their faces. How many more death we need to understand that violence isn’t the right choice?

However, I know that not everything as dark as it seems. We have hope As long as there are people who prefer to listen to their hearts not to orders. The defender in the center put down his shield and took of his blinding cube mask in front of a little girl because he realized that there is no need to fight against people who just want to live in a safe world. There is no need to hold a weapon against them. That is why instead of holding a gun they hold white flowers as a symbol of peace. Because they’ve made a choice to stand against brutality the place around them looks clean and unbroken. This is the world without violence.

So, let me ask you again. What are you fighting for? Clear sky above your head, bright future for your kids or for cruelty and orders?