Oil on canvas, 2019, 70X80


History has seen a profound number of powerful and influential personalities. Those people will forever be seen as both grace and vice. Some love and adore them, and some despise . Anyway, I believe that their story is worth to be told.
The period of personality paintings begins with the person who has been called a healer, wizard or devil. The person who has been blamed for the fall of autocracy in Russia and thanked for the recovery of Tsar’s son. Grigory Rasputin
The skin of the figure is presented as a mixture between a natural skin colour and a dark blue tone which is a sign of ambiguousness and ambivalence of his personality. I want you to feel how deep and penetrating his eyes are. Many people believed that Rasputin knew the skill of hypnosis and used it to achieve his goals. His glance was scary yet mesmerising.
One the background we can observe some of the aspects of Rasputin’s life. Russian tsar Nikolai II is sitting near the right shoulder covering his face. People believed that Rasputin could predict the future. He often consulter the Tsar about countries’ affairs and had a great influence on Royal family in general.
A number of angels were drawn as a sign that Grigory had a fortune by his side. I believe, that he was protected by above as he was able to survive after the attempted murder. It may feel like he already knew what was about to happen.
The book and a raven represent Rasputin’s relationship with religion or how people used to say back then “Rasputin’s black magic”.
No matter whether you like him or not, his personality will forever be remembered and talked about as he obviously had an unexplainable power during his life period.