Oil on canvas, 2019, 70X80


Have you ever thought of how diverse are the goals that people set for themselves? Some of them may not even be real. Yet we share the same feelings when we crave for the changes in our life.
Here are the hands of the sacred believer. Someone who has a wish that was turned into an absolute obsession (in a good way)
You put all your strength and all your mind into getting what you want. Now you go to sleep dreaming about it and wake up in the same way. You simply believe with all your heart. The idea of your dream becoming true gives you the power to go through your life challenges.
The hands you see are covered in calluses as a sign of how hard you have to work when you have a true dream.

At the same time, there is, in fact, only one thing that stops you from getting what you want and changing your life the way you want it to be changed. That is your fear. I believe that is the only thing that stops all of us.

That fear is represented as an octopus that can be seen when you place the painting horizontally. Just turn it over and see.
That octopus is filled with insecurities, fears and tears that we all could feel sometimes when working hard for our dream.
No matter how many struggles you go through, no matter if you go slow or fast, you have to believe in what you’re doing. You have to believe in your dream.
Let the fears and octopuses go away:)