Oil on Canvas, 2019 50X40


It’s not a secret that time takes the best out of us. Society believes that being young is the best thing in the world and getting old is depressing. You don’t have the energy you had when you were young. However, I believe that your age isn’t determined by the way you look or the date of birth you have in your passport. Your age is determined by how you look at the world. Even being the oldest person in a group you can still look at things through the perspective of a teenager. That is why the majority of the faces on the painting has young bright eyes. Biological age didn’t spoil the young energy and the mindset that those people carry in them. At the same time we have one opposing subject which is a woman on the left side.

Although her skin looks pale and doesn’t have a single sign of aging, her eyes look old. That illustrates that even young people can sometimes look at the world as an old person, you can see that in their eyes.

Then a question rises: what in the world can make young people look at the world through old vision? Experience? No. Life struggles and problems? No.

It’s all about fears that hold you back, lack of desire to make changes for good, lack of passion that make you look old. That is why woman with wrinkly eyes has some phantoms behind her that show her real soul. Other subjects ,on the contrary, have bright young souls kept by the angels behind them. As we know, angels are behind those who are able to see light in the darkness.