Oil on Canvas, 2020 50X40


This painting was partially inspired by my dreams. I believe that your dreams show the connection between conscious and unconscious lives. In my painting this connection is represented by golden needless that penetrate the canvas and form unusual patterns. This is the path by which your thoughts and figures go in order to entering a dream.

But how do those figures and pictures form outside your head? How do they get in there?

Did you know that everything you see in your dreams is a distorted representation of what you experience in real life. That is why we can say that those figures, emotions and pictures get into our head through sense organs. One of them is on the painting. An eye. But I prefer to call it “a lens”- one of the portals that connect real world with our soul.

Another important detail is wings. You use them while dreaming to fly from one idea to another. At the same time, they look rather bulky and mysterious. This is a sign that no matter how much time you spend interpreting your dreams, this is a waste of time, as all the pictures in your head fly like free birds, hardly ever you’ll be able to catch them.